Old Fashioned Care

Established 1945



Established in 1945

Furniture Removalists located in Bayside Melbourne Victoria and moving homes  for over 75 years! We employ competent, experienced and trustworthy Furniture Removalists ready to help you.  See the photo's - real trucks and a real Furniture Removal Company stemming back many years!  The suburbs we service include but not restricted to Brighton to Hampton to Black Rock to Beaumaris to Mentone to Parkdale to Aspendale to Frankston to Bentleigh, the list goes on and on! We Pick up and deliver to;

- All Abodes in the suburbs!

- To your Country Residence!

- That new Dwelling in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, ACT and N.T. AND of course Tasmania! 

Like to know;
  How much does it cost to move Furniture?
  How many trucks will I need?
  How many boxes will I need?
  Will the Removalist pack my boxes?
  Can I store my furniture?
  Can I get boxes delivered before my move?  
  Will you place the furniture?
  Is there things I cant take?
 to get useful moving advice!


Old Fashioned Care


Established in 1945 we use our 70 plus years of Service means that we have gathered extensive Furniture Removal experience giving us an "awareness edge" therefore avoiding or minimising the many traps that can arise when moving.  We already have the extensive Removal knowledge to deliver the most cost effective Removal options available to meet the level of service you desire and expect.  During our Free On-Site consultation service, we gather the necessary information and provide your detailed written Relocation Plan this information then allows us to provide clear fixed written quote!  
E W Hogan Moving & Storage also is approved to carry and store consignments for the Commonwealth of Australia - one of only approximately 5% of all the Removalists in Australia!  We are also a participating member of the "Australian Furniture Removers Association" (AFRA) and work within their Code of Conduct - "Furniture Removals" - it's what we do!

Call Us Now on: (03) 95807366

or email at:  allcare@ewhogan.com.au

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