Privacy Policy / Definitions



(Definition as ratified by the Victorian Furniture Removers Association in September 2002)

This access definition may be applied where a quote is required and access (at the time the quote was made) is unknown and it simply advises you the type of Delivery Access our quote covers.




A ground level building to which a legally registered heavy vehicle (with a maximum legal height of 4.3metres), collecting or delivering a consignment can;


- safely and legally approach, park and depart, without disruption, overhead obstructions, or cost; and

- once parked, be within a walking distance (via the safest, most practicable route) of not more than 15 metres from the vehicles loading or unloading      point to the allocated entry point of the building, via a maximum of 5 steps and be over regular safe and stable surface; and

- over the distance the rise or fall shall not exceed approx 1.5 metres(or approximately eye level) with a gradient of not more than one-in-five (1 in 5); and

- the point of collection or placement within the building shall not exceed twenty five metres from the allocated building entry point.


Deliveries or Collections outside these guidelines (unless otherwise agreed in writing) may cause a variation to your quote.






EW Hogan Moving & Storage provides Furniture Removal, Storage and related Services to clients in need of moving Household and Personal Effects, Commercial Furniture & Effects or other like items from one place to another – sometimes requiring storage in between.


During this process we may require you to provide us with certain information in order to provide you with a written quote for these services and if successful, for delivery of the quoted services.


This information will or may include your Name, various addresses related to the moving services, contact names & addresses of agents you may nominate to act of your behalf. If you enter into a “Direct Debit Service Agreement” – Banking Details associated with that agreement, or Credit Card information if you require us to charge services to a Credit Card Account.  Information is only retained when required for purpose of charging, on-going fees, or meeting our legal obligations as a Registered Company.


We may hold some or all of this information as required to process payments, communicate with you for reasons of billing or advice regarding the services.  We may also retain records for periods as legally required and then dispose of paperwork records via document destruction.  Computer records (which do not retain any form of Credit Card or Banking Details unless you have attached them to an associated file that you may have emailed) may be retained for purpose of regarding financial trends / budgeting and forecasting.  


We do not provide your personal information to any marketing company, outside third parties, or any other person or entity unless it is directly related to provision of or delivery of our quoted services, or you have provided or nominated an “Agent” to manage affairs related to our services on your behalf.  In the event your Storage Account (where applicable) is unpaid and we do not or cannot make contact with you to resolve the problem – we may refer your details to a collection agency as necessary for purpose of recovery of an outstanding debt. 


Complaints Handling:  Complaints about our company, it’s Employees, the Services we provide, or have quoted for delivery of, can be directed to: The Manager, E W Hogan Moving & Storage, P.O. Box 288, Mordialloc VIC 3195, or electronic mail: allcare@ewhogan.com.au to the attention of The Manager.  If we are unable to resolve your complaint and remain in dispute, you may refer the matter to the CEO of the Australian Furniture Removers Association P.O. Box 7104, Baulkham Hills Business Centre, NSW, 2153  Ph 1800 671806 for review.  We, but not You will be bound by any decision they may make in resolving your complaint.


Reviewed December 2019