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Moving overseas (compared to moving within Australia) has unique challenges and varies widely in the moving techniques required to achieve the desired outcome.  Our services address these requirements so that you are fully informed.  
From your first contact with our company, you will find a positive and helpful approach. Next a visit to your residence will be required to assess your intentions, access and of course the resources that will be required to prepare and load your consignment for export.  We provide a full written proposal which sets out our quote with all inclusions and exclusions.  If our Service Proposal is accetable, we will then discuss time frames and the best way to progress depending on your individual needs.  
As an example - It's wise to investigate what can be taken to your new country - some countries have different power voltages therefore rendering some electrical items unusuable - you must also thoroughly investigate the local Customs requirements of the country you intend to moving to. Ensure you investigate the legal and cultural requirements as well - whilst we can provide guidance, it's important to note that You and not Us will be required to sign the Customs Declarations! 

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