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Furniture Storage  

Storage of Furniture with a Professional Furniture Removalist generally takes three forms; 

  • Traditional Warehouse Storage
  • Homepack or Module Storage
  • Containerised Storage

Each method is successful and each has its advantages and disadvantages.  


We adopt Warehouse Storage for longer term consignments and Containerised Storage for shorter storage terms - we believe these to offer the best solution - you can ask us why!   The Warehouse (and Office) are designated No Smoking and meticulously maintained by a full time store person. It is regularly treated by professional extermintors for pests, vermin and is continually monitored for risks of fire and burglary by a "back to base" Security with Security cameras active 24/7.  All Fire fighting equipment is regularly inspected by an independent fire services company with annual checks carried out to Roofing, Gutters etc and Electrical systems.

All furniture & effects arriving and departing our warehouse is individually checked against the itemised inventory (prepared at uplift) - we track the movement of your consignment from uplift right through to final delivery!  Arriving consignments are wrapped as required - the storeperson will store your consignment in its own section, where they will stay and not moved unnecessarily until redelivery.  
Unlike Self Storage, our Furniture Storage warehouse system is a traditional Furniture Removalist storage facility. It is not accessible to the public and you only pay for the space you use. We provide all the necessary stowing aids and protective coverings required to ensure your consignment is well looked after - you wave good-bye when we leave your residence and we do the rest!
Short or Long Term storage is available. Currently the longest recorded storage consignment is 21 years! 
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Warehouse Storage

Containerised Storage